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The Prime Minister assigned to do researches and steps towards the direction of solar energy development


On March 14, the AR Government's regular session took place chaired by Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan.
Finances and Economy
The Executive made additions and changes in the AR Government's N201 decision of 2004 , May 26 on “The establishment of the accountants' qualification procedure in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic”. Introducing the necessity of the draft adoption, deputy Minister of AR Finances, Grigory Martirosyan mentioned that it is conditioned by the necessity of simplification and clarification of the legal framework regulating the accountants' qualification sphere”. “According to the draft it is suggested to provide certificates of competence to those qualified by a number of international organizations, without any exam, to reduce the time of execution of Qualification Commission’s certain functions, to provide an opportunity of sending applications and documents attached by email, to establish standard forms for applications as well as to make certain amendments of editorial nature”-said G. Martirosyan.
The Government approved the action plan being carried out by the financial means provided from state budget of 2017 directed towards the AR economic development.
According to the AR Minister of Economy Andranik Khachatryan a number of events directed to the economy development are going to be implemented within the framework of 17 mln AMD.
The list of events of the NKR historical environment protection and the use of historical and cultural monuments being carried out by the funds of the NKR state budget of 2017, as well as the programs of tourism development were also approved at the session. According to the decision a state historical and cultural reserve “Tyaq” was founded and its regulation was approved.
The Government approved the project of the AR Ministry of Economy on establishing maximum capacity for small hydro power stations. According to the decision it has been suggested to establish maximum capacity of 30MW for small hydro power stations.
Referring to the opportunities of the energetic sphere the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the productive use of hydropower potential as well as emphasized the importance of the solar energy development.
“We have no studies on the possibilities of solar power generation. We should take certain steps to that direction, for which it will be productive to consult with the relevant departments and experts of the Republic of Armenia. Now we are to do researches of the areas suitable for the construction of solar power stations, especially when there is an investor ready to construct the first solar power station. Besides, we should place solar batteries in all new apartments being built for hot water supply. Due to that the citizens will both save funds and gain experience. That means we should realize the importance and privilege of solar energy and starting from today we should develop that sphere”,- mentioned A. Harutyunyan.
The Executive approved the programs of the NKR fauna protection and reproduction. A. Harutyunyan expressed dissatisfaction about the use of local building materials. In his speech he said, “ There are a number of small factories of stone working that have sales problems. On the other hand the constructors determine not using the local materials by the lack of volume. There must be a control so that to possibly use local building materials in the construction sphere, which will both promote economic development and ensure high quality”.
The AR agricultural programs and events of 2017 were approved at the session. According to Government’s another decision the technical regulation of special requirements on hygiene of fishery products was also approved.
Health Care
The Government discussed the suggestion of the Ministry of Health on making addition in the AR Government decision of N 556 on “Free medical care and service guaranteed by the state”. It mainly refers to those discharged because of injuries or diseases received during their military service and not being recognized as disabled as a result of medical examination.
Education, Science, Sports and Culture
The Executive Head approved the program of events of the Education, Science and Sport Ministry. In total, around 253 million will be directed to the implementation of those programs. A. Harutyunyan assigned to pay more attention to the Olympic sport types, and in case of necessity to invite experts and to increase financial resources for their development.
The Government approved the draft on establishing the regulation of mobilization bodies. Introducing certain provisions of the draft the Defense Minister Levon Mnatsakanyan mentioned that the aim of the regulation is to define the rights and responsibilities of these bodies.
At the end of the session the Government Head assigned the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry a task to maintain records of the families having five children and to gradually implement the program of providing them with houses.


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