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The Government introduced the budget execution of 2016


On April 26, the AR Government regular session took place chaired by the Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan.The Government approved the report on state budget execution of 2016, which will be submitted for the NA's discussion in the form of a draft.
Referring to the main social and economic characteristics of the Republic the deputy minister of AR Finance G. Martirosyan introduced some macroeconomic indicators. According to him an economic growth of 9.2 % was registered in 2016. The gross domestic product made up 229.7 mlrd AMD ( 209.3mlrd AMD in 2015). In 2016 the industrial production volume made up 59.0 mlrd AMD increasing by 9.7 % as compared to 2015, and the agriculture made up 68.5 mlrd AMD increasing by 7.4 %. According to the data introduced, the state budget's own incomes made up 33,711.1 mln AMD in 2016 implementing the intended program by 95.6 %. The actual revenues for tax incomes and state duties made up 32,432.3 mln AMD or that index exceeded by 2.7 %. The actual revenues of other incomes made up 1,278.8 mln AMD or the index intended exceeded by 0.4 %. The NKR state budget deficit made up 3,692.4 mln AMD in 2016. The actual expenses of the NKR state budget made up 84,670.4 mln AMD in 2016.
During the NKR state budget execution of 2016 the salaries, pensions, allowances and scholarships were fully financed, the total amount of which made up 30,429.2 mln AMD or 35.9 % of the budget actual expenditures. Referring to the budget execution of 2016, the Prime Minister A. Harutyunyan mentioned that in the accounting year we had active military actions which had a negative influence on both the economic indices and the GDP formation.
“The April events had bad consequences on the budget execution. They influenced on potential investments and a number of investment projects have been delayed. But in spite of everything today we make steps within the intended medium-term expenditure plan. If we compare our indices with the economic growth of similar unrecognized countries both in the region and in the world, we can surely say that we are record holders. Today we have become an exporting country from a country importing electricity and in 2020 it is foreseen to bring the electricity production up to at least 500 mln kilowatt hour. In future we must keep these rates of economic growth as well. What refers to 2017 we must state that corresponding prerequisites are created for providing double digit growth. In a few days we will sum up the fourth month and as compared to the previous year the average within the frameworks of 10 % we have more results”- mentioned A. Harutyunyan.

The list of the professions of post-graduate course of 2017-2018 academic year of Artsakh Republic state institutes of higher education has been affirmed by the Executive. 18 free of charge and 9 paid places have been destined for the academic year 2017-2018 in Artsakh State University.
The list of the professions of the NKR state higher educational institutions has been affirmed. 130 free of charge and 180 paid places for 16 professions in Artsakh State University plus 45 places for correspondence courses.
35 free of charge and 75 paid places for 12 professions in Shushi Institute of Technology plus 45 places for correspondence courses.
60 free of charge and 26 paid places have been destined for the academic year 2017-2018 in 12 higher educational institutions of the Republic of Armenia for 42 professions.

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