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The Government will show financial assistance to servicemen for solving housing problems


On June 22, the regular session of Artsakh Republic Government took place chaired by Prime Minister Arayik Harutyunyan.
Changes and additions have been done in the draft laws “On energetics”, “On licensing”, “On state dues” and approved at the session.
The Government also approved the draft laws on “State pensions”, “On mobilization preparation”. The draft laws will be submitted to the discussion of National Assembly.
The Government decided to buy flats or houses or build houses from January 1, 2018 for the families having five or more children. Those families one parent of which is a first group invalid or perished (died) during military actions for the defence of Artsakh Republic will be of first priority.
The Government adopted a decision for making changes and additions in the decision N889 dated December 23, 2014: according to which officers and contractual servicemen of the armed forces of the republic will get state financial assistance for buying flat or house or for repairing the flat or the house.
The Prime Minister assigned a task to the heads of corresponding structures to include in this project the servicemen of other power structures in future.
By another decision of the Government the inhabitants of the villages Talish, Tonashen and Mataghis of Martakert region will get financial assistance from the state budget as a compensation for the electricity used from May 1 till December 31,2017.

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