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Arayik Harutyunyan received the delegation of the Development Foundation of Armenia


On July 19, Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan received the delegation of the Development Foundation of Armenia headed by the Executive Director Armen Avak Avakyan. The Prime Minister welcomed the foundation’s readiness to support Artsakh companies within investment and export issues. He stressed the importance of further cooperation with the AR appropriate authorities for more productive realization of current potential as well as for experience exchange. A. Harutyunyan suggested to get engaged in branding some products for increasing export productivity in order for some companies to be able to produce products under the same brand. “ I guess in case of such opportunities the companies can work more efficiently since separately they often meet difficulties for providing required volumes of the export”,-said the Prime Minister. A. Harutyunyan also draw attention to the Government’s future programs mentioning that new programs are being developed which are directed to the promotion of pomegranate and honey production volumes in Artsakh. Armen Avak Avakyan introduced the DFA support toolkit to the Prime Minister, emphasizing that at present the foundation includes Artsakhian exporting companies within its support programs. According to him some organization have been already included both in Armenian and international exhibitions and business forums, which brought certain results to Artsakhian companies. Referring to the Prime Minister’s suggestions made during the meeting the DFA chief executive officer mentioned that they are ready to implement them for it can really be a serious stimulus for development of small companies. Armen Avak Avakyan assured that they will keep on cooperation with local producers as well as with the Artsakh Investment and Village and Agricultural Support Funds for both experience exchange and mutual assistance.  

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