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A recreation zone in Mataghis, dried fruit factory in Martakert; Arayik Harutyunyan visited Martakert region


On August 8, Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan had a working visit in Martakert region convening a consultation on gardening and getting acquainted with the conditions of the newly-opened factory of dried fruit as well as of the recreation zone. At first, the Government Head convened a working consultation with the participation of both the region representatives and a number of community leaders. A. Harutyunyan mentioned that taking into consideration the favorable climatic conditions of the region, the Government will encourage all those individuals who will plant pomegranate gardens and their irrigation will be carried out by the drip method. “Those who are engaged in gardening and especially the ones engaged in planting a pomegranate garden will receive support from the Government for building a drip irrigation system. We are planning a new project for starting pomegranate gardens in Martakert and current water resources are favorable for planting this year a garden of up to 500 hectares. From next year we are going to increase the number of Artesian wells by state and charitable means for solving irrigation problems”,-said the Prime Minister. After the conference A. Harutyunyan visited the newly opened dried fruit factory of “Goods of Martakert” LLC where he got acquainted with the upcoming projects as well as with the workshops equipped with new technologies. Due to state support in the factory built, about 30 new workplaces have been created, with an average salary of 120,000 AMD per month. Then A. Harutyunyan left for Mataghis region where an opening ceremony of a recreation zone built by a businessman living in Russia took place. The Prime Minister got acquainted with the conditions of cottages, restaurants, motor boats as well as of other recreational facilities built according to modern requirements. “I consider the implementation of these two projects to be very symbolic. Just a year and a half before both Martakert and Mataghis were under the enemy's intensive shelling. But today we announce that there can be the best recreation zone in Mataghis and a modern factory in Martakert”,-said the Government Head.

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