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President partook at an event of signing a friendship declaration between Alfortville and the Artsakh town of Berdzor


On 20 November Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan arrived in the French town of Alfortville and partook at a solemn event of signing a friendship declaration between Alfortville and the Artsakh town of Berdzor.
In his speech President Sahakyan qualified the signing of the friendship declaration a significant event for Artsakh from political, legal and moral viewpoints classifying it among important bases for cementing and developing friendly ties with France.
“The cooperation with France and its administrative regions is among the main directions of our foreign policy and expansion of sister cities’ list and geography, deepening ties with them are among pivotal components of this policy”, underlined the Head of the State in his speech.

According to the President memorable episodes have already been registered in the course of cooperation with the Alfortville town. In this context Bako Sahakyan noted the visit of the town’s delegation led by mayor Luc Carvounas to Artsakh in September 2016 and the mass demonstration held in Alfortville during the Four Day April War in support of Artsakh and against the Azerbaijani violence.
Artsakh Republic President noted that all these demonstrated to the whole world the inadmissibility of aggression for the civilized community.
“We are grateful to everybody, who is beside Artsakh, who is fighting for freedom and equality, protection of human rights and dignity. This is a courageous and exemplary behavior”, stressed President Sahakyan.
Bako Sahakyan underlined that in case of proper organization of the planned activities cooperation between Berdzor and Alfortville has promising prospects, expressing confidence that numerous programs would be brought to life with joint efforts.


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