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President Sahakyan chaired the first in 2018 meeting of the Cabinet


On 7 February Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan chaired the first in 2018 meeting of the Cabinet.
Representatives of concerned bodies presented corresponding reports on the issues included in the meeting’s agenda.
President Sahakyan gave instructions towards proper realization of the discussed tasks with a special focus on the Agriculture Development Doctrine and the 2018 State Capital Investment Program, pointing out that the issues were of crucial importance for the further socioeconomic development of our country, adding that their solution would require active and purposeful work implementation both by corresponding structures and other state government bodies and economic entities.
Speaking about the Agriculture Development Doctrine the President noted that it would become the most significant guarantee for the proportionate and intensive development of all the sectors of the sphere over the medium and long-term outlook. “The doctrine’s implementation will result in a dynamically developing agriculture ensuring economic stability and predictability, rising self-sufficiency level in the country and tangible increase of the international competitiveness degree”, highlighted in his speech the Head of the State, adding that all the concerned bodies and circles must do the utmost to support within their mandate the successful realization of this pivotal program.
Touching upon the 2018 State Capital Investment Program the President noted that the activities carried out in the sphere would be mostly directed towards housing construction, improvement of building conditions of educational institutions, the construction and reconstruction of cultural centers, healthcare facilities, municipal construction, road building and repairing, their maintenance and exploitation, as well as securing drinking water supply to various settlements. “Projects envisaged for the year of 2018 in the municipal engineering sphere are extensive enough, however they are absolutely realistic and necessitate active and organized work first of all by the ministry of municipal engineering and all the concerned bodies and structures. No efforts must be spared to solve those tasks”, outlined Bako Sahakyan in his speech.


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