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State Minister Grigory Martirosyan convoked a working consultation


On January 4, Artsakh Republic State Minister Grigory Martirosyan convoked a working consultation dedicated to the current agricultural works and a number of other issues with the representatives of the heads of the agriculture sphere and regional administrations.
AR minister of agriculture Zhirayr Mirzoyan reported on the current situation, noting that according to the year- end about 57 thousand hectares of autumn sowing was realized.
According to the minister, they received applications for 18 thousand hectares for spring sowing, and in the nearest future the preparatory works will be started. Zhirayr Mirzoyan noted that some cases of rodent infections were registered in some of the country's zones, and proposed to implement a comprehensive program of struggle.
State Minister Martirosyan instructed the heads of regional administrations to undertake effective means hiring labourers. He attached importance to getting ready to spring sowing works.
Reverting to construction companies functioning under the regional administrations, G.Martirosyan mentioned that it is foreseen to expand the scope of their activity in the current year raising the financing of these companies.
Issues concerning the development of regions and solution of existing problems had been discussed during the meeting.

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