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State Minister Martirosyan held a working consultation on the safe use of natural gas


On January 9, State Minister of Artsakh Republic Grigory Martirosyan convened an enlarged working consultation on the safe use of natural gas.
The State Minister drew the attention of those present to the recent statistical data of carbon monoxide poisoning in the republic, noting that it is necessary to tighten control mechanisms. According to G.Martirosyan, the human factor is not enough to carry out effective inspection functions, and emphasized that technical means are being used all over the world for a long time." It is necessary to be consistent to the chimneys of multi-storey buildings, gas boilers, safety systems and their technical inspection, as to avoid possible accidents" said G. Martirosyan. He offered the relevant bodies to make a study in a short period of time and take adequate steps.
During the consultation a number of issues related to the elucidation by media, organization of explanatory works, as well as effective cooperation between the gas company, state and community structures were discussed.

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