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President Harutyunyan presented the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers and other state administrative bodies


On 26 May Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan convened an enlarged working consultation with the participation of the members of the currentCabinet of Ministers.
The President expressed his gratitude to the members of the executive branch for joint work highlighting that although only some of them will be included in the composition of the new Cabinet of Ministers, the experience and knowledge of each of them are very important for further state building process.
Arayik Harutyunyan presented to the attention of those present the changes in the composition of the government emphasizing that as a result the state budget will not have an additional burden. According to the President, the following composition of the Cabinet of Ministers has been established:
1. Minister of State;
2. Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Housing;
3. Ministry of Healthcare;
4. Ministry of Justice;
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
6. Ministry of Agriculture;
7. Ministry of Economy and Industrial Infrastructures;
8. Ministry of Education, Science and Culture;
9. Ministry of Defense;
10. Ministry of Military Patriotic Upbringing, Youth, Sports and Tourism;
11. Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development;
12. Ministry of Municipal Engineering;
13. Ministry of Finance.

The following state administrative bodies have also been defined:

1. National Security Service;
2. State Service of Emergency Situations;
3. Nature Protection Committee;
4. Cadastre and State Property Management Committee;
5. Committee on Integration with Armenia and the Diaspora.
6. Police;
7. State Revenue Committee;
8. State Control Service.

A. Harutyunyan informed as well that the Cabinet of Ministers has been assigned to adopt decisions arising from the decree within one-month period. 

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