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President Harutyunyan signed decrees on new appointments


On 29 May Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan signed a number of decrees. According to them, Masis Mayilyan was appointed Artsakh Republic minister of Foreign Affairs, Samvel Shahramanyan was appointed minister ofMilitary Patriotic Upbringing, Youth, Sports and Tourism being released from the position of director of the National Security Service.
Today the President of the republic visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, met with responsible officials of the structure and discussed with them future plans. He qualified Azerbaijan's belligerent diplomacy on the Artsakh issue as inacceptable noting that it remotes the parties of the conflict from the peaceful settlement process. Wishing success to minister Mayilyan, the President assigned to intensify the activities being carried out in the foreign policy sphere.
Thereafter Arayik Harutyunyan visited the town of Shoushi and presented newly-appointed minister Samvel Shahramanyan to the staff of the Ministry of Military Patriotic Upbringing, Youth, Sports and Tourism established in the result of the change in the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers. In his remarks, the President noted that the formation of the new ministry was not an end in itself, as the task is to bring the organization of continuous education of the young generation to a qualitatively new level. He expressed gratitude to former minister of Culture, Youth Affairs and Tourism Lernik Hovhannisyan for the conscientious work.
Kamo Aghajanyan was appointed director of the Artsakh Republic National Security Service being released from the position of the deputy head of the Police. Today, the President visited the National Security Service and introduced Kamo Aghajanyan to the staff. A. Harutyunyan touched upon the problems existing in the sphere and expressed confidence that at the head of the new director the work of the service will be carried out properly.
Zhirayr Mirzoyan was appointed minister of Territorial Administration and Development, Ashot Bakhshiyan became minister of Agriculture.
According to another presidential decree Samvel Babayan was appointed secretary of the Artsakh Republic Security Council.
Arayik Harutyunyan approved also the Government's decisions, according to which Stepan Sargsyan was released from the position of head of the Kashatagh regional administration. Artyom Saribekyan was appointed head of the Kashatagh regional administration, Erik Harutyunyan became head of the Shoushi regional administration. 

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