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Working visit "Aghavno" and "Sanasar" checkpoints


On June 16, commandant , State Minister of Artsakh Republic Grigory Martirosyan , accompanied by chief of AR Police Ashot Hakobjanyan , acting minister of Healthcare Arayik Baghryan and minister of Urban Planning Aram Sargsyan visited "Aghavno" and "Sanasar" checkpoints.
Grigory Martirosyan followed the process of rapid on-site testing for coronavirus detection, spoke with the employees of the State Revenue Committee, the State Emergency Service and the Police. Grigory Martirosyan spoke with citizens crossing border checkpoints, listened to their observations and answered their questions.
The State Minister instructed the responsible persons to carry out the necessary repair, improvement and furnishing works on the spot.
It should be reminded that since June 15, in order to prevent the penetration of the coronavirus into the republic, a rapid testing opportunity has been created in all the checkpoints of Artsakh. According to the new tightening of the Republic border, in addition to the access permit, mandatory testing is required.

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