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The new Stepanakert substation of 110/35/10 kW capability will be put into commission in 2021. President of the republic got acquainted with the ongoing activities.


On 11 July Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan visited the territory of substation being built in Stepanakert by the "Artsakh Energo" closed joint stock company where active constructing activities are in process.
The details of the investment project's ongoing work were presented to the Head of the State. According to the company's responsible officials the substation will be put into commission in the second half of the coming year which will allow to fully pull the aerial circuits( overhead lines) of 110 Kw and 35 kW capacity out of residential areas of the capital.
"Artsakh Energo" CJSC is going to invest 17,5 milliard Armenian drams in total during the period of 2019-2023 for the renovation of high voltage electricity network in Artsakh, of which only 2 milliard will be spent on constructing and modernizing the new substation of Stepanakert. The executive director of the company noted that despite the objective complexity caused by the pandemic the investment project is basically being realized on time.
The republic's President expressed satisfaction with the volume of ongoing work emphasizing that the energy system of Artsakh will enter a new stage at the result of investments possessing a more qualitative, reliable and secure energy supply. 

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