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The President partook in the groundbreaking ceremony of a new dwelling district to be built in the capital and visited various construction sites


On 28 July Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan partook in the groundbreaking ceremony of a new dwelling district to be constructed in the capital.
A new dwelling district composed of 228 apartments near the "Artsakh" district is planned to be put into operation in 2022. The project is being realized by means of Russian philanthropist Hamlet Vachenants. In his remarks, he particularly mentioned that the profit from the sale of apartments will be provided for the implementation of various charitable projects in Artsakh. The contractor company is "Eurostroy" LLC.
Accompanied by Minister of Municipal Engineering Aram Sargsyan and Mayor of Stepanakert David Sargsyan, the President visited various construction sites of the capital. According to representatives of "Karavan" LLC, the dwelling district composed of 158 apartments and 108-unit apartment building, both being constructed on the Toumanyan street, will be put into operation in autumn 2021.
The Head of the State attended also the site of the new dwelling district being built by the "Dominik System" LLC, where 120 apartments are planned to be put into operation in 2022. Arayik Harutyunyan got introduced with design and estimate documents of new 180-unit apartment buildings, contracted by the company. In the words of the head of the contractor company, the district will be completely ready in 2023, and will have 300 apartments in total.
The next stop of the President's tour was the territory adjacent to the capital's Tigran Mets Street, where the construction of a new district of 287 apartments will commence in coming days. The Minister of Urban Development presented to the President the volumes of the program and envisaged infrastructures. The commissioning date of the district is set for 2022.
The President of the republic concluded his visit in an area covering approximately 5 hectares adjacent to Tigran Mets and Mesrop Mashtots streets, where, in concordance with the agreement reached with the Diaspora-Armenian businessman, construction activities of the largest residential district of the capital have started. The program envisages the construction of several thousand apartments, which, together with the additional projects being implemented in that direction, will solve the existing housing problem in Stepanakert.
The President expressed his satisfaction with the process of the works highlighting that key preconditions are created in Stepanakert to bring to life the pre-election program provision "A separate apartment to every family". He instructed the responsible officials to establish control over the quality and strictly observe all the construction norms.  

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