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Possible solutions to some post-war legal issues were discussed in the office of the President of the Artsakh Republic


On April 9 Artak Beglaryan, the Chief of the President's Office of the Artsakh Republic convened a regular sitting of the coordination council of the Artsakh Republic for the settlement of legal issues on the hostilities.
A number of projects related to the solution of legal issues were discussed during the sitting. Particularly there was a special discussion on the solutions related to the housing of displaced under the legal regime of martial law, proposing to provide liable violation of housing rent term for the displaced, as well as measures for the state to use the property of individuals and legal entities.
Interesting discussions were also held on the provision of social assistance to servicemen wounded during the hostilities unleashed by Azerbaijan, the restoration of the length of service of the displaced, civilian casualties and the legal status of occupied communities.
The projects approved by the council will be processed in accordance with the law defined. 

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