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Artak Beglaryan toured some frontline villages of Askeran region


On June 12, State Minister of the Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan visited four villages near the frontline of the upper sub-region of Askeran region to get acquainted with the problems of the settlements on the spot and to discuss the current situation with the residents. Artak Beglaryan met with the heads of communities and the residents of the villages Szneq, Mkhitarashen, Karmir Gyugh and Khachmach, discussed issues on security, infrastructure restoration and socio-economic development. “Taking into account the severe consequences of the war for the whole Artsakh , consistent and united efforts are needed by state bodies, citizens and all Armenians in order to be able to overcome them and to move the Homeland to the path of sustainable development. Of course, ensuring long-term security is the main precondition for that, but it is necessary to realize that it also depends on our current actions and determination. At present, the state is making efforts not only to quickly restore the frontier settlements, but also to strengthen and develop them," noted the State Minister.
During the meetings, many questions and suggestions were addressed to Artak Beglaryan. The State Minister gave specific instructions, at the same time promising to study the possibilities of implementing the remaining issues and proposals.

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