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"Everyone who thinks that Artsakh should remain armenian has something to do." Artak Beglaryan in New York and New Jersey


On November 13 -14, State Minister of the Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan had a number of meetings with the Armenian communities of New York, New Jersey, with a large staff and leaders of separate community organizations. During the meetings, the State Minister thanked the Diaspora for its compassion for Artsakh for many years and presented the current situation and future plans. He stressed that long-term and joint work is needed to overcome the existing challenges together, greatly changing the dimensions of Diaspora involvement and types of support. "It is necessary to get rid of disappointment, to make smart and patient efforts, as well as to plan and build the future based on the analysis of the mistakes of the past. Regardless of the current crisis of confidence in all armenians, everyone can find solutions and mechanisms to promote the restoration and development of the Homeland.Everyone who thinks that Artsakh should remain armenian has something to do," Artak Beglaryan said. During the exchange of views in the immediate atmosphere, the State Minister answered numerous questions related to the current and future security of Artsakh, demography, economy and other spheres. 

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