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The State Minister held a meeting on monitoring the situation of "Covid-19"


On November 19, State Minister of the Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan convened a consultation dedicated to the prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in the republic. Minister of Health Mikael Hayriyan first presented a report on the operative situation of coronavirus disease. Considering the situation very worrying, he predicted that the cases of the disease in the republic will continue to increase sharply, if strict measures are not taken in the near future. An exchange of views took place on imposing new restrictions, regulating the entry of the republic, organizing the process of classes, and carrying out the necessary preventive work in other spheres of the country's life. Taking into account the alarming statistics of the spread of the epidemic and the registered deaths, the State Minister assessed unsatisfactory the effectiveness of the preventive measures taken so far. He noted the need to introduce new restrictions in the coming days to ensure strict discipline, which is a justified step in preventing the spread of the epidemic. Artak Beglaryan especially emphasized the need to overcome the epidemic together, one of the main steps of which is vaccination and observance of safety rules. The State Minister expressed hope that in Artsakh people will be vaccinated as soon as possible, preserving their health and restoring the natural vital activity of the republic. At the end of the meeting, the State Minister gave a number of instructions to the heads of the authorized bodies on the proper organization of events and the effective application of control mechanisms. 

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