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The State Minister discussed some health programs with the representative of the Armenian Relief Fund


On December 15, State Minister of Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan together with the Minister of Healthcare Mikael Hayriyan, received Hambardzum Simonyan, deputy director of the Armenian branch of the Armenian Relief Fund, head of healthcare programs. The State Minister highly assessed the large-scale support of the Armenian Relief Fund to Artsakh and expressed readiness to support the patriotic initiatives of the structure in the near future.
"The Armenian Relief Fund has a significant contribution to the restoration and development of Artsakh. Among other programs, one-time and continuous health programs are noteworthy, from which I would like to single out especially the training programs for medical workers, " noted Artak Beglaryan. The current and planned programs were touched upon, in particular, the "Doctors for Artsakh" program implemented with the Ministry of Healthcare, as a result of which about 30 doctors from Armenia provided their services to the population in different settlements of the Republic.
"I assure you that the program will be continued, taking into account the current demand. Of course, it would be desirable for all medical institutions in Artsakh to be staffed with the necessary specialists, so that we can deal only with their education. Other support programs will be also continued, including the process of equipping the system with the necessary equipment," said Hambardzum Simonyan. The State Minister thanked the Armenian Relief Fund for its continued support, reaffirming the need of every Armenian to contribute for the development of Artsakh.

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