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Intensified inspections will be carried out in all directions: President Harutyunyan convened a consultation


On January 11, President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan convened an enlarged working consultation dedicated to the issues of revenue generation and cost planning of the 2022 State budget.
Speaking about the fiscal policy, the head of the state noted that due to the post-war socio-economic and humanitarian problems, a mild tax regime and a number of privileges have been established for small and medium enterprises, and in the given conditions the state expects unconditional tax discipline from all economic entities. President Harutyunyan instructed the responsible officials of the sphere to tighten the mechanisms of responsibility in case of violations of tax rules, stressing the imperative of proper ensurance of the state budget revenues in 2022.
Touching upon the public procurement process, the President noted that from now on, more stringent tools will be used in construction, healthcare, property acquisition and other spheres to ensure fair competition and antitrust policy, to prioritize local products and services, as well as to exclude abuses. "Henceforth, intensified inspections will be carried out in all directions and in case of embezzlement or waste of even one penny from the budget by a state official, a severe punishment will be applied," warned the head of the state.
The President of the Republic noted that, in parallel with the tightening of state control mechanisms, special attention will be paid to the calls received by citizens, and urged the population to report abuses to the relevant bodies through the appropriate hotlines, thus increasing public control over the public administration system. 

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