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Artak Beglaryan presented the peculiarities of post-war teaching at the "Forum 405" conference


On June 22, State Minister of Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan participated in the "Forum 405" educational conference organized by "Teach Armenia" organization and the RA Ministry of Education and Science under the title "How to start the Armenian revival through innovation and leadership". Artak Beglaryan welcomed the initiative of organizing "Forum 405", within the framework of which hundreds of representatives of the educational systems of Armenia and Artsakh discuss the current challenges, the applied solutions and the future plans. According to Artak Beglaryan, a number of issues related to war traumas, post-war difficulties and other related issues were raised through inclusive discussions, as well as possible approaches to a solution were discussed. "As a result of the war, many problems have arisen or intensified in the whole society of Artsakh, as well as in the educational system, which negatively affects the quality of education, the behavior and psychology of students, teachers and families. We must provide effective and innovative solutions to these problems, seeking to neutralize their negative impact on the one hand, and to use the crisis as an opportunity for rebirth and further development. "The main role here belongs to the teachers, who should not be left alone with the support of trainings and constant counseling, and the students should be included in the inclusive, practical and ideological attention," said the State Minister. As a result of the exchange of views, some practical ideas on cooperation between state authorized bodies and professional circles were discussed.

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