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Artak Beglaryan met with heads of cultural institutions


On July 21, State Minister of Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan met with the management staff of institutions operating in the field of culture to discuss the existing problems in the field and the possibilities of their solution. The State Minister thanked the cultural figures for their long-term merit and service and presented the Government's vision for the regulation and strategic development of the cultural sector. "To make systemic reforms in the field of culture, it is very important to listen to your suggestions for solving problems. We should be able to respond to the current situation of Artsakh through culture, because you are the ideological and value driving force of the society. After the war, we must have a revival of cultural life through which we can experience a national awakening," said Artak Beglaryan. The State Minister considered such discussions to be necessary, noting that he is ready to regularly hold such meetings so that decision-making is effective. During the meeting, an interested discussion was held on various issues in the field of culture, the State Minister gave assignments to solve some of the issues raised.

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