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Reforms of the system will be continued. The State Minister introduced the newly appointed minister


On March 15, Artsakh Republic State Minister Gurgen Nersisyan met with the staff of the Ministry of Healthcare and the officials of the subordinate units of the Ministry and introduced the newly appointed Minister Vardan Tadevosyan. The State Minister thanked former Minister Samvel Avetisyan for his work and wished Minister Vardan Tadevosyan a productive work.

Taking into account the challenges the Republic faces, the State Minister emphasized the need to continuously ensure the efficiency of the work of the Ministry of Healthcare. Gurgen Nersisyan noted that maintaining the health of the population is one of the most important problems of the state, the solutions of which will be provided step by step through state programs implemented within the framework of sector reforms.

"In the future, we will have the opportunity to continue the reforms of the system on a larger scale. Among them, we will wage an uncompromising struggle against a number of harmful occurrences in medical institutions that our citizens face. On the one hand, we must provide medical workers with a decent salary, on the other hand, we must eradicate some manifestations of corruption. In this matter, I expect the courage, willingness and persistence of every person performing their service in the healthcare sector",
Gurgen Nersisyan said in his speech.

A number of urgent problems faced by the sector under the blockade were also discussed at the meeting.

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