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It is necessary to ease the burden of communal services of socially insecure citizens. The State Minister called a meeting


On March 17, State Minister Gurgen Nersisyan held a meeting with the participation of the Minister of Social Development and Migration and the ministry's sectoral officials.

Gurgen Nersisyan noted that payments for gas and electricity consumed during the blockade are a heavy burden for the socially insecure population and the Government, especially in the current situation, should take responsibility for taking adequate steps.

"As a result of Azerbaijan blocking the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia, our citizens lost their jobs and found themselves in a difficult social situation. It is necessary to develop such a support system that will allow providing some support to families who have lost their jobs or do not have enough income. It is necessary to develop such a mechanism that will ensure the fairness and transparency of support, equality and will really be directed to those who need it," said Gurgen Nersisyan.

The State Minister also emphasized that he has recently received many applications from citizens on this topic, which indicates the existence of the problem. Gurgen Nersisyan noted that it is necessary to think about support, but only those who really need it should benefit from it.

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