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Gurgen Nersisyan received the members of the NGO "Officers of the Reserve Army of Artsakh"


On March 22, State Minister of Artsakh Republic Gurgen Nersisyan received the members of the NGO "Union of Reserve Army Officers of Artsakh" headed by Karmen Aslanyan.

The State Minister thanked the attendees and all the members of the union for the services rendered to Artsakh and our people over the years, appreciated their experience and professionalism, the coordination and organization of the public organization, expressing hope that the members of the union will be involved in all future work and their potential will be used to the maximum extent. The State Minister listened to the issues the officers of the Artsakh reserve army are concerned about, which were related to security, the restoration of justice in the country, issues of housing security for the officers' families, and the policy adopted by the state in the socio-cultural spheres.

G.Nersisyan emphasized the need for wider involvement of the organization in public life, offering to make the members of the regional structures a part of it.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees informed that work is being done to have a "Military Chair" at Artsakh State University, the realization of which is an urgency.


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