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State Minister of AR Gurgen Nersisyan met with the members of the Public Council


On March 22, State Minister of Artsakh Republic Gurgen Nersisyan received the members of the Public Council adjunct to the President of AR, led by its chairman Armen Gevorgyan.

During the meeting, the State Minister emphasized the importance of increasing the efficiency of the Public Council, stressed that as a consultative body it should primarily ensure the dialogue between the state and society, based on the development of targeted programs.

"During this difficult period, the core of the work of the Public Council should be proper public control. The problems that remain out of the sight of the state official should be raised through you, become available to us, and the public authorities should listen to them and take consistent measures to solve these problems,"
said G. Nersisyan.

The State Minister presented to the members of the public council the socio-economic situation of the country, the works being carried out in the sphere of his coordination.

The meeting took place in the format of healthy dialogue, questions and discussions. The State Minister appreciated the meeting and the discussion that took place.

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