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State Minister Gurgen Nersisyan had meetings with the population in Haterk and Martakert


On May 21, State Minister of Artsakh Republic Gurgen Nersisyan, accompanied by four ministers, had meetings and individual receptions with the population in Martakert and Haterk community to ensure proper communication with the public and discuss socio-economic and other issues affecting the population.

The state minister presented the situation caused by the blockade and the programs implemented by the Government. He noted that in the created difficult condition, the Government is doing its best to alleviate the socio-economic difficulties of the citizens as much as possible, which, fortunately, do not break the freedom-loving will and spirit of the people of Artsakh.

"We continue our decades-long struggle to live in dignity and freedom on our own land, and despite various challenges, I am sure that this struggle will one day be crowned with final success. Azerbaijani threats and pressures will accompany us for a long time, and we must be able to ensure our existence and struggle in the conditions of a lasting crisis. I am glad that we managed to settle the issue of humanitarian cargo transportation in recent weeks with the support of Russian peacekeepers and the Red Cross, but I am also aware that it satisfies only a small part of the needs of our population," the state minister noted in his speech.

In response to questions related to agriculture, Gurgen Nersisyan emphasized that, despite the great difficulties caused by the blockade and climatic conditions, the Government is doing and will do its best to support agricultural activities and increase the level of food self-sufficiency.He emphasized that additional support and compensation programs will be implemented especially for farmers and owners affected by natural disasters, some of which have already been implemented.

On the way, Gurgen Nersisyan got acquainted with the condition of the Sarsang reservoir, stressing that Azerbaijan continues energy and environmental terrorism by disrupting the Armenia-Artsakh electricity supply, and the Artsakh Government is making all efforts in the direction of effective crisis management of the energy system.

During the visit, the State Minister was accompanied by the Ministers of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Agriculture, Urban Development and Social Development and Migration.



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