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Measures ensuring state budget 2014 execution have been approved

14.01.2014 - At the session of government Today a regular session of the NKR government headed by Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan has been held.

Prime Minister’s visit to Kashatagh

13.01.2014 - On January 11, Prime Minister of Artsakh Republic Ara Haroutyunyan visited northern part of Kashatagh region

Conference convened by the Prime Minister

10.01.2014 - At the conference convened by the NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan were discussed problems of water supply in NKR, especially in regions.

Process of agriculture works was discussed

10.01.2014 - On January 10 a conference chaired by the Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan was held concerning a number of problems in agriculture sphere. Minister of Agriculture A. Khachatryan

Prime Minister met with young sportsmen and participants of “Hye Aspet” game

30.12.2013 - Today, NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan has met with the participants of the game-contest “Hye Aspet” and the sportsmen of karate-do who won prize-places in the 3rd traditional tournament in England.

NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan’s New Year congratulatory message

28.12.2013 - Dear compatriots, We say good bye to 2013, which was one of the main periods of solving key problems set before our country.