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Vladik Khachatryan


Director of the state service of emergency situations of AR

In office since

Curriculum Vitae

Date and Place of Birth
January 21, 1961, in the village of Damirlu (now Tsaghkashen) of NKR Martakert region

1978-1982 Stepanakert’s Teacher’s Training Institute, physicomathematical department

Career Experience
Worked at secondary school of Chaylu (Martakert region), at the same time carried out public works.
1988 was in the ranks of self defence detachment of the village.
1992-1993 commander of artillery battalion of Martakert defence locality, then chief of artillery
1994-1996 chief of DA artillery staff
1996-1997 chief of Martakert denfence locality
1997-1999 DA’s 10th motorized infantry division, commander of artillery regiment
1999-2000 DA, head of artillery department
2000 vice commander of Defence Army
1993 was badly wounded, after recovery came back to the service
September 26, 2007 was appointed NKR Minister of Education and Science
2012-2017 head of Martakert regional administration

2017-2019 deputy director of the AR state service of emergency situations.
June 11, 2019 by the Government decision affirmed by AR President was appointed director of the AR state service of emergency situations.

Additional Data
Holder of general-major military rank
Decorated with a number of RA and NKR medals and orders: NKR “Martial Cross” 2nd degree, RA “For Courage”, ”Marshal Baghramyan”, “Garegin Nzhdeh”, “For faultless service” 1st and 2nd degree, “Martial service” and “Vardan Mamikonyan”, “Mkhitar Gosh”orders.

Party membership

Personal status
Married, has two children