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Grigory Martirosyan's congratulatory message on January 28


Dear compatriots
It is difficult to imagine a higher rank than being a defender of the homeland.
When deciding the outcome of political, economic projects or family problems, we are mentally moving to the frontline, to a soldier who controls the opponent's movement, a professional officer, a tender-hearted and commanding general. Without the sense of being protected, our goals are vulnerable, unfulfilled. The Armenian army has a special place and role in defending the homeland and people, maintaining peace and stability in the region and ensuring normal functioning of the state.
A strength that gives birth to a new strength in the rear, and strengthens our determination to live freely and independently.
We are the proud sons of the victorious army.
I want to bend down before those devoted who gave their lives for peace, who are in the frontier and all those who are waiting for the return of their sons with a sense of longing.
Glory and honor to our victorious army. Congratulations, defender of the Motherland,
congratulations to the Armenian Army!

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