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Congratulatory message of the State Minister of the Artsakh Republic Grigory Martirosyan on the occasion of April 7


Dear women,
I sincerely congratulate you on the occasion of Motherhood and Beauty Day. Today, we seem to be reconsidering the role of women in our lives, whose primary priority is the protection of family, nation and values. The warmth and care that spreads around us and everywhere is due to our grandmothers, mothers , sisters and daughters.
I extend my warmest congratulations to the women who are currently serving in medical institutions and law enforcement agencies, who are as responsible to the service of the homeland as to the well-being and harmony of their families. In all the pages of human history, in heroism and in real life, kindness and beauty usually win. Perhaps this is the result of faith that draws strength from divine light and makes the day of our loved ones meaningful in the Annunciation holiday.

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