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AR State Minister Grigory Martirosyan’s congratulatory message on the day of knowledge


Dear compatriots, schoolchildren, students, teachers and representatives of educational sphere;
Accept my congratulations on the day of knowledge. We see the future of the country is in an educated society, therefore by providing high quality education we lay the foundation stone of the state development with a view to bring up knowledge- based and competitive specialists. The ringing of the bell was especially eagerly awaited by those who are entering the educational institution for the first time; school, university or college. I am sure you will be demanding, inquisitive and purposeful, because only by following the requirements of the time you can record high progress and acquisition of innovative knowledge.
At the beginning of the schoolyear, you,dear parents bear a great responsibility realizing the idea of having educated and dignified citizens you equally participate in the noble cause of building the future of Artsakh and Armenia.
We had a lot of problems during the previous academic year because of the pandemic. However, due to the diligence and willingness of our teachers and faculty, we were able to close the academic year. I hope that the situation with the novel coronavirus will stabilize soon and we will return to our normal life. On this occasion, I wish you all endurance, will and patience.

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