Administration of Governmental Affairs

Structure of the Administration of Governmental Affairs

Head of the administration of governmental affairs of the President’s office – first deputy head of the President’s office

Deputy Heads of the Administration of Governmental Affairs

David Dadayan

Departments of Governmental Affairs Administration


94-32-14, e-mail:

Legal Division

Chief of the legal division:
Irina Mangasaryan
94-91-57 , e-mail:

Personnel Management Division

Chief of the personnel management division:
Hayrapetyan Narine
94-55-95, e-mail:

First Division

Chief of the first division:
Haroutyunyan Erik

Protocol Division

Chief of the Protocol Division:
Seda Mirzoyan
94-13-90 , e-mail:

Organizational Division

Chief of the organizational division:
Arackelyan Varuzhan
94-32-13, e-mail:

Special Systems Division

Chief of the Special Systems Division:
Lyudmila Mkrtchyan
94-32-73 , e-mail:

Financial and Economic Division

Chief of the Financial and Economic Division, chief accountant:
Irina Melikyan
94-12-45 , e-mail: