Administration of Governmental Affairs

Structure of the Administration of Governmental Affairs

Head of the administration of governmental affairs of the President’s office

Deputy Heads of the Administration of Governmental Affairs

David Dadayan

Arsen Yeghiyan
047 97 19 97

Departments of Governmental Affairs Administration

Legal Division

Chief of the legal division:
Irina Mangasaryan
94-91-57 , e-mail:

General division

Chief of the general division:
Marine Grigoryan

Personnel Management Division

Chief of the personnel management division:
Hayrapetyan Narine
94-55-95, e-mail:

First Division

Chief of the first division:
Haroutyunyan Erik

Protocol Division

Chief of the protocol division:
Irina Avetisyan, e-mail:

Organizational Division

Chief of the organizational division:
Arackelyan Varuzhan
94-32-13, e-mail:

Special Systems Division

Chief of the division of special systems:
Armen Aghajanyan, e-mail:

Financial and Economic Division

Chief of the Financial and Economic Division, chief accountant:
Irina Melikyan
94-12-45 , e-mail: